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Our Lab

From Parenteral Visual Inspection test sets to ELISA Plate Coating, our FDA-certified laboratory ensures the highest level of quality standards and compliance.

Our Consultancy

Our experienced visual inspection experts will guide you through program planning, probability of detection, best parenteral inspection practices, and more.


Our expertise allows us to serve you in virtually every way—staffing services, long-term strategy planning, compliance requirements, and more.

Why Partner With Syrviatek?

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Our Expertise Becomes Yours

We're intimately familiar with pharmaceutical injection processes, which allows us to provide full service to the parenteral pharmaceutical and research industries.

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Highest Quality Standards

Our products are created under strict quality standards within a controlled laboratory environment. We offer fast set-up, low lead times, and premier quality.

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Total Compliance

We align our products and processes with your unique compliance goals. Our industry-leading assessment service allows us to customize every compliance plan.

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Full Service

From implementing a comprehensive visual inspections program to providing individual test kits, we're here to satisfy each of your needs through custom solutions.

The Lab

Full-Injectables Visual Inspection Test Samples & Standards

Our laboratory specializes in the manufacturing of custom visual inspection sets to support the validation of defect rejection processes within the injectable pharmaceutical and medical industries.

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The Lab

ELISA Plate Custom Coating

Using industry-leading device manufacturing technology, our Carolina, Puerto Rico laboratory specializes in the production of ELISA (Coating & Blocking) tests for use within diagnostic testing.

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The Lab

Custom Challenge Sets

We develop custom challenge sets for visual inspection—including test samples and standards—for automatic inspection, challenges, manual inspection, test protocols, and research and development.

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"Excellent timing for delivery of the kits and excellent quality and performance. Great job with Lyo kits."

- Amgen


Assessment & Planning

Our experts meet with your team to gain a deep understanding of your goals and objectives. We'll assess all data, then work with you to craft a visual inspection program plan.

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Program Implementation

Through training, staffing, and consulting, we'll support every aspect of your parenteral inspection process implementation.

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Rapid Support

From manual inspection protocols to inspector qualification to technical support, Syrviatek is here to enable the healthy growth of your company.

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How It Works

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Schedule a free consultation to discuss your visual inspection and testing needs.

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We'll assess your processes and goals, then work with you to create an implementation plan.

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We'll manufacture and ship visual inspection test sets and challenge sets or ELISA coated plates.

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We'll support your parenteral inspection process through training, guidance, staffing, and more.